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Sustainable Supply Chain

Working together with our clients and venders, we are forging

a sustainable supply chain.  

We have compiled and issued the Rules on Social Responsibility Conduct for Suppliers.  Future supplier evaluations will include their Product Quality, Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety, as well as Social Responsibility.We have registered with SBTi (Science-Based Targets initiatives) and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) platforms, and through these platforms we have made our commitment and reports.The Group has implemented a series of rules on business conduct including information security, anti-bribing, anti-corruption, anti-unfair-competition, honesty and self-discipline.  Staff members on all essential posts have signed the NDA on Information, Self-Discipline and Honesty Commitment, and Anti-Unfair-Competition Commitment.  All relevant employees are being trained accordingly.  Membershipped with RIFM, IFEAT, and Chinese CAFFCI, the Group actively participate the industry activities on research, development, rules and regulations setting, and sustainability promotions.In 2020, our holding company, Yingyang Hong Kong, became a member with RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), and the membership covers both Yinghai CZ and SD Yingyang.  We all work together for a sustainable industry on palm oil.  We have registered with SEDEX and EcoVadis to report to the public on our sustainability status,

which helps the collaborative development of the supply-chain.According to the market demands and customer requirement,

Yingyang Group has finished REACH registration.  The Group also pre-registered or reported with Turkish KKDIK

REACH and UK REACH for 14 products respectively.



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