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Privacy protection


Personal data are not required when you visit our website.  In special cases such as for job-searching and/or for subscriptions, however, we may have to collect some of your personal data that are essential to the purpose and solely voluntary. We shall protect these collected personal data from unlawful access, alteration and loss and consider it as confidential by limiting the use of these personal data within the specifically defined purpose.

When you are submitting your personal data to our website, we shall specify the purpose of how that data is going to be used.  However, if you are interlinked to any other website(s) through our website, we shall not be responsible for any privacy protection statement claimed therein by those websites, nor are we in any way expressing or hinting such responsibility.

For the purpose of performing statistics and analyses on the visiting volume to our website, we may temporarily keep the domain name of our site visitors.

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