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Shandong Yingyang flavor and fragrance Co., Ltd. has won many awards such as "advanced enterprises in safety production" in Binhai District.

2020-11-12 14:37
On February 28, Weifang Binhai District held a conference on leading innovation and development in the multi-functional hall of the future building. More than 400 people including the heads of departments directly under the district and the leaders of key enterprises in the whole district attended the meeting. Sun Qisheng, member of the Standing Committee of Weifang Municipal Committee, Secretary of the political and Legal Commission and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Binhai District, attended and made an important speech.
The conference gave a grand commendation to the advanced enterprises and individuals within the Binhai area. The commendation was divided into 14 awards, and only a dozen enterprises were selected for each award. Shandong company was awarded the "advanced enterprise in safety production", "advanced enterprise in environmental protection" and "advanced enterprise in environmental protection work" Liu Wenge, general manager of the company, attended the awarding ceremony on behalf of the company.
In the past year, Shandong company has made every effort to do a good job in environmental protection and production safety, taking these two work as an important topic of operation and management. 5 million yuan was invested to upgrade the production equipment and environmental protection facilities in the workshop. By replacing small kettles with large ones, the continuity of production process was enhanced, and the automation level, equipment tightness and treatment efficiency were improved, so as to further eliminate the generation and diffusion of odor, and further achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.
In June 2017, the company's upgraded high-pressure fire-fighting water system was officially put into use, further designed and improved the automatic control system for the company's key devices and important parts; established and improved the dual prevention system of risk classification control and hidden danger investigation and treatment, implemented grid management, implemented risk control of operation activities and equipment and facilities to the post staff, and thoroughly eliminated the hidden dangers The training room should be further renovated and improved, equipped with facilities and equipment, and the training and examination system should be improved. The resources of the training room should be fully utilized to organize safety training and examination for many times, so as to improve the safety production awareness of all staff. Through a series of emergency measures, the safety level of Shandong company has been continuously improved.
Honor can only represent the past, safety production and environmental protection work has a long way to go. Our company will continue to conscientiously implement the requirements of various safety production work, conscientiously fulfill social responsibilities, and do a solid job in safety production and environmental protection, so as to provide solid support for the sustainable and stable development of the company.

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