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Announcement on the change of president of Yingyang group

2020-11-12 14:38
Mr. Liu Shizhong, chairman and President of Yingyang group, applied to resign from the position of President due to his retirement age. The board of directors decided to approve his application. At the same time, the board of directors decided to appoint Mr. Zhu Chen as the president of the group.
Mr. Liu Shichen will no longer be the president of the company since January 2014.
Mr. Liu Shizhong, as the founder of the group, has led the company to overcome various difficulties in the past 30 years, so that the company has achieved steady development, made brilliant achievements, and occupied an important position in the international spice industry. In the future, Mr. Liu Shizhong will no longer be the president, but he will still be the chairman of the group, guiding the company's various business activities and participating in the decision-making of major affairs of the company.
Mr. Zhu Chen, Ph.D. in organic chemistry, West Virginia University, has fourteen years of experience in research and development of chemical raw materials, and ten years of experience in internationally renowned fragrances and fragrances. Proficient in Chinese and English, and have a certain french foundation, is a global interdisciplinary talents, the company he served throughout China, the United States and European countries. In addition, Mr. Zhu Chen also has a solid knowledge background in supply chain, finance and cost analysis. In addition, his deep chemical knowledge background and working experience in many countries make him not only have a strong team management ability, but also can make reasonable arrangements for chemical raw materials procurement from a global perspective, so as to effectively save material costs and reduce enterprise operation risks 。
Mr. Zhu Chen's joining will inject new vitality and ideas into the company's development, and promote the in-depth implementation of the company's international development strategy. I hope that under the leadership of Mr. Zhu Chen, the new president, you can continue to overcome the difficulties, fight bravely and create more brilliant achievements!

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