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Network optimization and transformation of Cangzhou company has been completed successfully

2020-11-12 14:39
With the increasingly frequent network application among the group companies, and the requirements for the safety and smoothness of network office are higher and higher. At the beginning of November, through the overall arrangement of the human resources department of Cangzhou company, the overall network transformation of the office building, workshop and dormitory of the company was carried out. After more than 20 days of adjustment and testing, Cangzhou company network transformation work has been successfully completed. This transformation greatly improves the stability and security of Cangzhou company's local network operation, and realizes the dual load balancing operation mode, which further consolidates the security and effectiveness of the overall operation of the regional network of office buildings, dormitories and workshops.
Under the condition of making full use of the existing network equipment, the network of office and dormitory area adopts physical isolation to avoid personal equipment in dormitory area from affecting normal production and office, and ensure smooth and safe daily office and network of enterprises. Two High-performance Routers and core network switches with larger data exchange capacity have been replaced in office buildings and dormitories. Meanwhile, 10 Gigabit switching devices with high stability and good security have been replaced for each workshop and office, which has changed from optical to electric access to optical to optical access. The dormitory area and the office building have wireless coverage on the second and third floors to achieve seamless wireless network connection, while monitoring the connection and access speed of each terminal. The network environment increases network segment management, isolates the interference between terminal devices, avoids network broadcasting, reduces the virus outbreak at one terminal of the network, which leads to all network failures, and increases the speed limit and access function. On the premise of ensuring smooth user access, the user bandwidth is reasonably planned to avoid dangerous ports and protocols.
Before carrying out the optimization and transformation, the human resources department has carried out detailed investigation and careful deployment of all stages of work, at the same time, it has been strongly supported by the leaders of Cangzhou company, and the optimization and transformation work is progressing smoothly, and the expected goal has been successfully achieved. This transformation supports various applications such as video conference, IP phone and VPN interconnection, which lays a foundation for the safe interconnection between the company and the company in the future.

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