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There will be times when there are long winds and waves, and there will be clouds and sails to help the sea -- president Zhu Chen's new year's speech in 2016

2020-11-12 14:41
All colleagues of Yingyang group:
Happy New Year!
At the beginning of the new year, everything is updated! On the occasion of the new year, on behalf of the board of directors of the group company, I would like to extend new year's greetings and sincere thanks to all the employees and their families who have worked hard in all posts! I wish you all good health, family happiness, work progress and all the best in the New Year! At the same time, on behalf of all employees of the group company, I would like to extend New Year greetings to the leaders of the park, the leaders of surrounding communities, the masses and villagers, as well as our suppliers and customers. I wish them a happy new year and all the best!
In the face of the fierce competition in the environment, we have achieved the goal of sustainable development in the face of fierce competition in the environment.
In terms of environmental protection, the group company has always adhered to the concept of "enterprise development, environmental protection first", fulfilled the social responsibility of "protecting the environment and benefiting future generations", and maintained tens of million yuan of environmental protection investment every year. In 2015, Cangzhou company vigorously completed the upgrading and transformation project of boiler dust removal facilities, built a new sludge pressure filtration storage room for wastewater treatment, carried out standardized upgrading and transformation of coal yard to strictly control dust emission, built a set of low-temperature plasma deodorization equipment for the wastewater treatment plant, implemented large-scale plant greening project, and carried out 8-month clean production audit; Shandong company also strengthened the ultra-low emission of boiler flue gas, strengthened the collection and treatment of unorganized gas in the plant area, and improved the environmental protection measures such as the diversion of rainwater and sewage in the plant area; while completing the task of earning foreign exchange through local export, Liaoning company actively carried out technical transformation, improved heating mode, and eliminated high energy consuming equipment, so as to ensure energy saving and consumption reduction in production. The completion of the above work has greatly improved the environmental and environmental protection management level of each plant area, and has been strongly supported and recognized by domestic and foreign merchants and regulatory authorities. The group company will further respond to the national and local government's call for environmental protection, increase investment in environmental protection in 2016, introduce advanced equipment and treatment measures such as regenerative combustion system and solid waste incineration, and continuously improve the environmental management level of production plants to a new height.
In terms of safety, while doing a good job in daily safety management, all companies actively deepen the standardized operation and management of safety according to the requirements of relevant national and local authorities, and have implemented and passed the construction of safety and integrity system to ensure the safe operation of production in each factory. In 2016, according to the requirements of the government, we will actively implement and promote the automation transformation of production workshops, improve the automation level of production and operation, and further ensure the safe and stable operation of production in each workshop.
In terms of employee security, we timely adjusted the meal allowance for all employees, actively urged the implementation of the annual physical examination of employees, and organized entertainment activities according to the characteristics of each company, so as to enrich and meet the employees' needs for positive and healthy cultural life, and strive to create a comfortable and warm living atmosphere for employees.
Of course, while seeing our achievements, we should also be fully aware of our own shortcomings. In addition to continuing to do a good job in environmental protection and safety, we should also continue to do the following:
1. Continue to strengthen cost awareness. Besides high quality requirements, price factors often determine the market share of the products to a large extent. If we do not strictly control the cost, we will not win in the competition and will eventually be eliminated by the market. From the cost accounting control of the company level, to the production and operation management of intermediate links, and to the specific production operation of front-line posts, we have a lot of homework to continue to improve. For this reason, the group company organized several training on lean production management and Six Sigma quality management in Shandong and Cangzhou companies, hoping that everyone can strengthen learning and strict management, so as to reduce costs and improve competitiveness.
2. Continue to strengthen the sense of responsibility. Everything in the company can be solved with the fastest speed, the lowest cost and the highest efficiency. First of all, it depends on the sense of belonging and responsibility of all colleagues to the company. I hope everyone can take Yingyang group company as their home and establish a strong sense of responsibility. All work should be considered from the perspective of the company. While doing your own work carefully, you should actively communicate with others Communicate and cooperate with others to solve problems. The group is also building bridges and paving the way to improve the efficiency of office and management, creating convenience for everyone in office software and management system.
3. Strengthen personal learning awareness. The continuous expansion of the company's products in the market comes from the recognition and trust of customers for our products and brands. In order to maintain this, in addition to the continuous improvement of our product quality and service, if every employee of us is willing to make a small step forward in our professional knowledge, work skills, management philosophy and social insight every day, the whole group company will make a big step forward because all suppliers and customers are willing to be honest, professional, open-minded, open-minded and honest It is a commercial rule that we must follow when we deal with the knowledgeable brand enterprises.
The new year will be a year for us to continue to work hard together. It will also be a year of opportunities and challenges, and a year of sweat and achievements. I believe that as long as we all think from one place, work hard together, continue to play a down-to-earth work style, unite and forge ahead, reform and innovate, and do solid work, we will be able to create a new realm for the development of our group company!
Finally, I wish you all the best in the new year! Thank you!

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