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Striving, innovation and win win

2020-11-12 14:43
Looking back on the 10 years of struggle, looking forward to the new future of Yinghai!
At 19:00 p.m. on May 17, 2016, the 10th anniversary celebration of Yinghai (Cangzhou) flavor Co., Ltd. was held in the company's hospital! All employees of the company gather together to witness this passionate and happy moment.
At the party, general manager Yu Mengjiang delivered a speech. In his speech, general manager Yu shared with us the growth process of Cangzhou company. Recalling the desolation at the beginning, compared with the advanced facilities, optimized technology and beautiful greening, we can feel the efforts of Yinghai people in the past ten years. Finally, general manager Yu made a prospect for our future development: to build our factory into a garden like factory.
Mr. Zhu Chen, President of the group, also made a speech on the party at the meeting. He said: "the group thanks Cangzhou Branch for its great contribution to the development of the group. Leaders at all levels of the group are well aware of the difficult struggle of Cangzhou Branch in the past ten years, and also thank all the staff of Cangzhou Branch for uniting and loving each other and building our Cangzhou Branch into such a strong situation now. "
At the party, we have the honor to invite leaders of chemical industry park of Cangzhou Lingang Development Zone and leaders of enterprises around the park. Zhang Zhaotang, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Cangzhou Bohai new area, and Zhang Zhaotang, Secretary of the Party group and director of Cangzhou Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone, also delivered a speech at the party. First of all, director Zhang sent his blessing to our factory on his 10th birthday; secondly, he affirmed the achievements of our factory in the past ten years, and highly praised the positive contribution made by our factory; finally, director Zhang expressed his deep expectation to our factory: I wish our factory to be better and better and develop more and more!
The leaders' impassioned speech officially opened the grand prelude of our party.
At the beginning of the party, 30 outstanding employees of Cangzhou company in 2015 were commended. These 30 employees come from different departments and struggle in different positions. However, they are all the people who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Yinghai. They are all people who have devoted their full blood to the jobs they love. It is with a group of people like them that we can break through all difficulties and take root in this; it is with such a group of people that Yinghai has made such remarkable achievements in ten years; it is with such a group of people that Yinghai will continue to develop and make more brilliant achievements in the future.
After the commendation, an English song "big big big world" opened the curtain of the art show. All the performances were compiled and performed by the staff themselves. The content of the program was rich and the forms were diverse. Cheers and cheers came one after another, making the atmosphere of the performance gradually climax.
Lottery activities were interspersed during the performance. As the general manager and other leaders conducted lottery activities, the lottery was aimed at all employees, and a total of 66 lucky spectators were generated, with rich prizes. This is another kind of feedback and encouragement for our employees.
At the end of the party, our colleagues in the fire building pushed the birthday cake to the center of the stage. At the same time, the host also invited all the employees of Cangzhou company to come to the stage to celebrate this happy and unforgettable birthday. With the end of "happy birthday song", we Yinghai (Cangzhou) spices Co., Ltd. has been 10 years old. We hope that we can celebrate Yinghai's birthday together every year in the future!
Happy time is always short. With the heart of gratitude, the 10th anniversary celebration and staff commendation meeting of Yinghai Cangzhou Branch was successfully concluded.
This is a happy event, which not only shows the positive youth style of all Yinghai people, but also shows the harmonious and friendly love of all colleagues. It also conveys Yinghai's great ambition and ambition!
Let us, full of gratitude, bid farewell to the past, full of hope for the future, and look forward to the company's new glory together!

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