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Spices will be released by the International Association of flavors and fragrances

2020-11-12 14:36
The International Association of fragrances and fragrances (IFRA) recently said it would investigate the flavor components used in consumer products and publish the list on its official website later this year.
Use survey is an activity carried out by IFRA every four years. It will update the list of flavor ingredients in time. Relevant personnel said that the list is a "constantly changing" list, because when new ingredients enter the market or old ingredients withdraw from the market, the list will be changed accordingly. The survey results will be sent to all companies that have business with IFRA. The survey will cover 90% of the flavor industry in the world, so the survey content will be more comprehensive.
"This list is for anyone who is interested in flavor ingredients, including legislators, shareholders, dermatologists, etc., but it doesn't specify what substances are contained in a specific product because they are the company's non-public content," said Stephen weller, an IFRA staff member For consumers who have been troubled by spice ingredients, they can contact the manufacturer through the list, and then contact the perfume supplier to inquire about the specific ingredients of the product.

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