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The flavor and fragrance industry is concerned about biotechnology and green environmental protection.

2020-11-12 14:35
With the development and growth of the domestic flavor and fragrance industry, the investment of domestic enterprises in the field of new technology and new product development has gradually increased. Biotechnology and green chemistry and environmental protection technology have gradually become the development trend of the domestic flavor and fragrance industry.
Experts from China Agricultural University said that with the gradual enhancement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection and the growing concern for their health, natural flavors and flavors blended with natural spices will gradually become the mainstream of market consumption. Because biotechnology is a new production technology with the most development and application prospect in the production of natural flavor compounds and their compounds, it has been widely valued by many domestic manufacturers.
With the decrease of non renewable resources and the increase of world population and environmental pressure, the development trend of using modern biotechnology to transform and replace traditional synthetic process is becoming more and more obvious. It not only opens up a new way to solve the problems difficult to be solved by traditional technology or conventional technology, but also provides strong technical support for the production of perfume by biotechnology. With the continuous development of biotechnology and the further improvement of biotechnology in the field of flavor and fragrance, more flavors and fragrances will be produced by biotechnology.
Another senior flavor and fragrance industry also told reporters that green chemical technology will become the development direction of domestic synthetic perfume production technology. Due to the lack of relevant production technology research, the traditional preparation process with low production efficiency is still used in the production of large amount of synthetic flavor products in China, which has deficiencies in production technology, resource utilization, energy consumption, environmental pollution and product quality. At present, the state vigorously promotes the adjustment of energy structure, accelerates the upgrading of industrial structure, and promotes the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, so as to ensure the sustainable development of the national economy. The company has strengthened the research on the production technology of the original bulk flavors and fragrances, and replaced the existing traditional production processes with green and environmental chemical processes, so as to achieve a high efficiency, high quality, low energy consumption and environmental protection production mode.

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