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P & G seeks more than 20 cooperation with small and medium enterprises in China

2020-11-12 14:34
P & G vigorously promoted the "external innovation" strategy in China in September. At the "P & G Innovation Forum" held in Hangzhou, P & G released more than 20 project demands for China's small and medium-sized enterprises, involving new methods, products, technologies and materials in the fields of beauty salon, home care and health care.
P & G has already implemented this strategy in Europe, America, Japan and India. In this strategy, all innovators, including small and medium-sized enterprises, such as patent technology owners, service providers, government research and development institutions and academic circles, can submit innovative solutions and patent achievements to P & G's needs.
In fact, due to the advantages of low cost and strong innovation, multinational companies have become more and more interested in China's small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years. "P & G's business in China is growing very fast, so the demand for innovation is also growing at a high speed." Xiong Qingyun, general manager of brand operation of P & G in Greater China, said. In addition, data show that 99.86% of patents in China have not been converted into products.

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