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Production of ethyl vanillin for microbial pollution control

2020-11-12 14:33
It is reported from Liaoning Shixing Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. that a new microbial pollution control technology, emo composite bacteria microbial pollution treatment process, has just passed the evaluation of hazard control effect expert group organized by Huludao City, Liaoning Province, marking the successful application of this advanced microbial pollution control technology in the production of ethyl vanillin in China.
At present, the enterprise has applied this new technology to treat more than 10000 tons of wastewater from ethyl vanillin production. The practice shows that the technology can decompose different pollutants by using a variety of bacteria, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low investment and low operation cost, and realizes non-toxic and no secondary pollution in the sewage treatment process. The successful application of this new technology will have a positive demonstration effect on the construction of similar ethyl vanillin plants in China.
According to reports, the production of vanillin in China mostly adopts the nitrous oxide process. The production process will produce toxic substances such as benzene phosphine, and the composition of the produced sewage is complex, which makes the sewage treatment a bottleneck for vanillin production. Through hard work, Liaoning Shixing company has developed a new technology with independent intellectual property rights and world advanced level -- new process of glyoxylic acid method. Compared with the traditional nitrous oxide process, the new glyoxylic acid process not only eliminated the highly toxic chemical raw materials such as N, N-dimethylaniline, but also significantly improved the product yield, greatly improved the operating environment, and greatly reduced the "three wastes". The COD concentration of the produced wastewater was only 4000mg / L, and the problem that the old process wastewater could not be biochemical treated was overcome.
On this basis, the company further improved the vanillin production process and boldly adopted the new technology of emo complex bacteria microbial pollution treatment. Based on the principle of microecological balance, they put in specific microbial flora according to the types and quantities of organic pollutants in different sewage, so as to form a biological chain among them, and decompose various organic pollutants into carbon dioxide, water and small molecules that have no impact on water body by using a variety of enzyme systems produced by microorganisms, so as to achieve the purpose of sewage biochemical treatment.
According to reports, this process can not only solve the sewage problem that has plagued vanillin production for many years, but also promote the product upgrading of enterprises. The ethyl vanillin produced by Liaoning Shixing company has been tested by the National Light Industry perfume cosmetics washing products quality supervision and testing center, and the aldehyde content reaches 99.96%.

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