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Striving, Innovating, Win-win——On the Celebration Gala of the 10th Anniversary of Yinghai (Cangzhou) Company

2020-06-15 17:52

Looking back on the 10-year-long course of endeavor and looking out into a brighter future of Yinghai.

At 19:00 of May 17th, 2016, the celebration gala of the 10th anniversary of Yinghai (Cangzhou) Aroma Chemical Co., Ltd. was commenced in the company courtyard. All staff members of the company gathered together to witness this exciting and happy mo­ment.

Mr. Yu Mengjiang, the General Manager, gave a speech at the beginning of the gala.  He shared with us the development course of the company, looking back on the previous desolation and comparing it with the advanced facilities, optimized technique and beautiful landscape of the present, which made us all fully understand the endeavors people in Yinghai have done. At last, Mr. Yu looked into the future of the development of our company, aiming to build our plant into a big garden-like factory.

Mr. Zhu Chen, the President of the Group, also delivered a speech at this celebration party. He said, “The group is grateful for the significant contributions made by the Cangzhou company. All levels of management of the group deeply understand the hardships during Cangzhou company’s 10-year-long fighting course and they are grateful for the solidarity and mutual love of all staff members of this company, who have created such a splendid situation for the Cangzhou branch of the group.”

At the ceremony, we are also lucky to have invited all senior officials of the Chemical Industry Park of Cangzhou city’s Lingang Development Area, as well as the leaders from the neighboring companies within the park;  Mr. Zhang Zhaotang, a member of the Party Working Committee and the Vice Director of the Administrative Committee of Cangzhou city’s Bohai New District, the Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of Cangzhou city’s Lingang Economic and Technological Development Area, also gave a speech at the gala.  Mr. Zhang firstly sent his wishes for the 10th birthday of our factory; then he expressed his recognition of the performances our factory that was achieved during the past 10 years and highly praised the positive contributions from our factory; in the end, Mr. Zhang expressed profound expectations for our factory, hoping that the factory would become increasingly better and stronger in the future.

These impassioned and energetic speeches from all these distinguished guests marked the grand opening of our celebration gala.

Into the celebration gala, the annual 30 outstanding employees of Cangzhou company for Year 2015 were honored.  Though these 30 employees are from different departments and working on various positions, they all have made significant contributions to the development of our company and devoted all their enthusiasm into the work about which they are passionate.  It is because of these people that Yinghai could have been prosperous despite of numerous difficulties and challengies; it is because of these people that Yinghai could obtain such excellent achievements in the past 10 years; it is because of these people that Yinghai will keep on developing and achieving even more splendid goals in the future.

After the honoring ceremony, an English song called A Big Big World started the various performances of the gala.  The employees composed and gave all the performances themselves, which were of great diversity in both contents and forms. The chanting of exclamations and cheers from the audience came continually, which drove the atmosphere on the spot of the gala came to its climax gradually.

A lucky draw was launched during the performances of the gala. Members from our company’s leadership, the General Manager included, chose randomly 66 lucky employees to win some generous gifts. The drawing was also a way in which our company offers rewards and encouragement to its employees.

As the gala was nearing its end, a huge birthday cake was wheeled in to the center of the stage, and the host of the gala invited the employees whose birthdays fell in May to the stage, asking them to celebrate this happy and unforgettable birthday.  As the Happy Birthday song ended, Yinghai (Cangzhou) Aroma Chemical Co., Ltd. turned 10 years old, and all of us hoped that we could celebrate the birthday of Yinhai together every year in the future.

With the song A Grateful Heart, the 10th anniversary of Yinghai (Cangzhou) Aroma Chemical Co., Ltd. came to a conclusion successfully.

This is a great celebration gala, which not only demonstrated the positive and youthful outlook of the entire staff of Yinghai and the harmonious and friendly atmosphere among all members of the company, but it also conveyed Yinghai’s ambitious goals of achieving excellent and brilliant performances in the future.

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